Winter and Summer Storms Modify Chlorophyll Relationships with Nutrients in Seasonally Ice-covered Lakes

At broad spatial scales, primary productivity in lakes is known to increase in concert with nutrients, and variables that may disrupt or modify the tight coupling of nutrients and algae are of increasing interest, particularly for those shifting with …

Summer ecosystem structure in mountain lakes linked to interannual variability of lake ice, snowpack, and landscape attributes

Mountain lakes experience interannual variability in spring snowpack and ice cover that can lead to differences in physical, chemical, and biological properties in the succeeding summer. Lake studies that capture extreme years of snow and ice would …

Orchard Management and Landscape Context Mediate the Pear Floral Microbiome

Crop-associated microbiota are a key factor affecting host health and productivity. Most crops are grown within heterogeneous landscapes, and interactions between management practices and landscape context often affect plant and animal biodiversity …

Interactions between plants and pollinators across urban and rural farming landscapes

Arthropods are responsible for pollinating the majority of food and fuel crops worldwide. However, global declines in bee populations threaten the delivery of pollination services in both managed and natural ecosystems. Alternative pollinators such …

The Global Lake Area, Climate, and Population Dataset: A New Tool for Addressing Critical Limnological Questions

This bulletin piece describes potential applications for the Global Lake area, Climate, and Population (GLCP) dataset. We use three case studies to show different uses for the GLCP at local, regional, and national scales.

Integrating Perspectives to Understand Lake Ice Dynamics in a Changing World

This study describes drivers of freshwater lake ice, methods for the study of lake ice, and avenues for multidisciplinary research to fill existing gaps in this body of research.

Plant-Pollinator Interactions in a Northwest Arum Related to Plant Traits but not Riparian Forest Management

This paper discusses plant-pollinator interactions on Lysichiton americanus in a western Washington (USA) riparian forest.