Documenting pollinators, floral hosts, and plant–pollinator interactions in U.S. Pacific Northwest agroecosystems

The abundance and diversity of pollinator populations are in global decline. Managed pollinator species, like honey bees, and wild species are key ecosystem service providers in both natural and managed agroecosystems. However, relatively few studies …

A unified dataset of co-located sewage pollution, periphyton, and benthic macroinvertebrate community and food web structure from Lake Baikal (Siberia)

Sewage released from lakeside development can introduce nutrients and micropollutants that can restructure aquatic ecosystems. Lake Baikal, the world's most ancient, biodiverse, and voluminous freshwater lake, has been experiencing localized sewage …

The global lake area, climate, and population dataset

This is a paper describing a dataset we compiled of lake surface area for > 1.42 million lakes and reservoirs >= 10 hectares in area, matched with basin-level temperature, precipitation, and population data.